PPC vs Organic SEO Which Is Better?

Many website owners have come to me describing a very similar scenario. “I am sick of paying for PPC,” they all seem to say. SEO seems like such an amazing option because when you have top rankings in the search engines, you don’t have to pay for any of the traffic the the search engines send you.

I read a statistic a few years back that purported that if you had PPC running on phrases you already ranked for your click through rate would increase substantially. The idea seemed crazy at first. Why would you pay for PPC when your website already ranks really high. As I thought more about it the logic seemed to grow on me.

Gaining customer trust is much about exposure. If they see you in multiple places they will assume you are both trustworthy and an authority in your industry. So if a person searches for the phrase SEO Scheduler and they see my site at the top of Google and in the sponsored ads, they will be more likely to trust me. Now granted if a person is searching for a business name the likelihood of them clicking on your site is already very high. But what if they searched the phrase SEO software and saw both of my listings there? How would it affect traffic and conversions?

I read an article yesterday that pointed out with very interesting statistics how much of a difference running both PPC and SEO at the same time can have on your click through. Check out the image below:


If running your PPC campaign on phrases you rank well for can increase your click through traffic by 80% it seems like it should be a no brainer. As long as you can convert your traffic and as long as the people are clicking on your natural listing and not the PPC ad, you stand to profit a lot more this way.

Give it a shot. I think the way to be the most profitable is to use PPC as a way to enhance your SEO, not to choose one or the other.

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